Reputable New York Appellate Litigation Attorney

My New York City practice, Ellen Rothstein, Attorney at Law, provides independent appellate services to appellants and respondents in need of representation. I handle appeals in all of my practice areas and in related areas of civil litigation.

As the appellant, if you believe a judge misapplied the law or legal precedent, improperly excluded favorable evidence or testimony, improperly admitted damaging evidence or testimony, allowed procedural errors to go forward at trial, or made other errors during the process of your case, I will examine the facts and provide you with an objective legal opinion before proceeding with the appeal. If I believe your appeal has merit, I can pursue an appropriate remedy.

As a respondent, if your adversary has filed an appeal to which you must respond, and you require an attorney with appellate experience to assist you, I can review the appellate record and with a fresh perspective, fight to have the court uphold any favorable rulings.

Experienced Commercial Litigation Appeals Attorney In Manhattan

My appellate work in New York includes successes in civil procedure, in construction and commercial litigation matters, and premises liability matters. Because so much is at stake in appellate matters, you need a knowledgeable and experienced New York appellate lawyer who is dedicated to representing your interests.

Whether you are a party seeking counsel to handle your appeal, or an attorney seeking appellate counsel, call me at 212-986-1441 or toll free at 866-603-7592, or email me to schedule an appointment and discuss your options with an established New York appellate lawyer.