Protecting Your Rights In Breach Of Contract Matters

Contracts are the legal glue that keep businesses and commercial activity operating productively. When one party violates a contractual agreement, efficiency and profitability can come to a screeching halt. You may be exposing yourself and your business to very costly and destabilizing consequences unless you have a qualified and experienced litigator on your side.

With the guidance and representation of a knowledgeable attorney, litigation does not have to contain the uncertainties many people associate with court proceedings. A devoted and skilled New York breach of contract lawyer can help you through the litigation process. As a sole practitioner in New York City for more than 35 years, I have helped protect the interests of clients, including other attorneys for whom I provide appellate services and per diem services. In many of those situations, I have helped resolve commercial, construction, premises liability and real estate disputes.

Through scrupulous review of your disputed contract, I can review terms, analyze rights and obligations, and develop a strategy to help prove the presence or absence of a breach of contract.

Holding Business Partners And Vendors Accountable

Contracts are not always multipage documents. They are not always complete. They can be purchase orders or invoices, which may or may not contain all of the material terms of the transaction. They may contain conflicting terms. They may contain ambiguities that require the skills of a seasoned litigator.

I can assess your case in an objective manner and evaluate possible outcomes. Whether the contract in dispute involves a construction, real estate, employment, partnership, shareholder, goods or services agreement, I can pursue remedies for either plaintiff or defendant.

Retaining an attorney with substantial litigation experience provides you access to valuable resources and knowledge to decisively pursue sound solutions in breach of contract issues, including:

  • Damaged or defective goods
  • Delayed delivery or untimely delivery
  • Nonconforming goods or services
  • Nonpayment for goods or services
  • Nonperformance of contractual duties or obligations
  • Shipping issues
  • Untimely completion of services or delays
  • Other construction contracts
  • Other real estate contracts

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