Efficient And Effective Resolution Of Business Disputes

The direction of your business can be a delicate balancing act between partners and other stakeholders. When a business dispute threatens the control or the livelihood of your business, you need to protect your interests with quick action. You have invested time, money and your future in this business venture, and you should have representation that matches your passion for success. In New York City, you need a lawyer who has extensive litigation experience representing a wide range of stakeholders in various industries.

I am Ellen Rothstein, Attorney at Law, and my diligent preparation and custom-tailored strategies can provide your position with strength and stability. I leverage resources you can rely on to try and protect your interests.

Complex Company Dissolution Experience

I will encourage cooperative settlement out of court, but if the other party is not cooperative and negotiation will not be fruitful, it is important that you consult with an experienced litigator to protect what is yours.

If your dispute can be reconciled, I will work to set up sustainable agreements and structures for your business, but if your situation is irreconcilable, the dissolution of your company may put more than just relationships with stakeholders, suppliers and customers at risk. Such conflicts require intelligent and forceful representation in:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder agreement disputes
  • Vendor or supplier disputes
  • Employment agreement disputes
  • Limited liability company disputes
  • Operating agreement disputes
  • Other contract disputes and issues

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