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Many business and commercial lawsuits, including those involving construction contracts, focus on contract interpretation. Business contracts require a trained eye and careful review. Extensive knowledge about the nuances of the laws affecting your case is crucial. A lawyer who is familiar with the wide array of possible disputes, sources of conflict and pathways to a resolution can provide the representation and counsel you need.

As a commercial litigation attorney, I try to develop strategies that will create favorable results for my clients. As my client, your interests and informed decisions help determine how the strategy will proceed. For more than 30 years, I have built resources and fruitful relationships as a New York City business attorney. I also provide appellate and per diem services. I am meticulous and thorough when reviewing contracts, interpreting terms, analyzing the rights and obligations set out, and developing the arguments necessary to prove the existence or nonexistence of a breach of contract.

Manhattan Breach Of Contract Attorney

Most commercial litigation conflicts involve a breach of contract or irreconcilable differences between business partners or shareholders. I often help my clients resolve issues involving:

As a New York commercial litigation lawyer representing both plaintiffs and defendants in New York City and the surrounding area, I offer my clients the prospect of resolving cases through customized and practical means. We work together to pursue your interests.

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