Assisting Businesses With Construction Litigation Matters

Even with the best planning, construction projects often do not go as scheduled. Issues often arise for a variety of reasons. This list is not all-inclusive, but some of these may sound familiar to you — materials were not delivered on time; the wrong materials and fixtures were delivered; the work was substandard; we didn't get paid so we didn't work.

In more than 35 years of representing plaintiffs and defendants involved with construction-related claims in New York City and the surrounding areas, I have helped my clients, individuals and businesses, deal with numerous commercial and residential construction issues. My approach is straightforward, my opinions are honest. My representation is backed and propelled by thorough research and direct, goal-oriented strategies.

I have represented developers, architects, property owners, contractors, subcontractors, electrical suppliers, material men and others in the construction industry, and provide appellate services and per diem services.

Successfully Litigating Construction Matters Throughout Manhattan

I have litigated a wide variety of issues involving construction contract disputes and breach of contract claims including:

  • Breach of trust claims
  • Claims for money damages due to:
    • Acceleration damages
    • Delay damages
    • Delivery of damaged goods
    • Inadequate performance
    • Nonconforming goods
    • Nonpayment for goods sold and delivered
    • Nonpayment for services rendered
    • Nonperformance
    • Untimely delivery of goods and materials
  • Lien law trust claims

When you retain my law firm for help in resolving your construction dispute, you will receive custom-tailored solutions at a reasonable rate. My knowledge of the construction industry and the litigation process will enable you to make informed decisions, which will help you control your case. Whether the dispute is over contract formation, interpretation or performance, my legal representation is based on the facts and laws that are material to your case.

Accessible And Established New York Construction Law Lawyer

My services can help save you time and money along with stress of handling these issues on your own.

Call me at 212-986-1441 or toll free at 866-603-7592, or email me to schedule a confidential consultation.