Decades Of Construction Litigation Experience

Many aspects of a construction project can cause disputes and claims for damages. Contracts may not be honored, plans may not be adhered to and liabilities may be exposed. Contractors, developers and property owners may decide to include arbitration or mediation provisions in their construction contracts even before becoming involved in a construction litigation matter. Since mediation, arbitration and plenary litigation action each has its own pros and cons, work with an experienced lawyer before signing a contract.

I am Ellen Rothstein, an attorney with more than 35 years of experience. I closely examine all types of construction contracts to determine the risks, liabilities, recoverable items and other issues that need to be addressed. I am a seasoned attorney who addresses issues up front to mitigate the potential for litigation. Contact my New York law firm to learn how I can help protect your interests at every turn possible.

I am committed to representing developers, architects, property owners, contractors, subcontractors, electrical suppliers, material men and others in the construction industry. I have the skills and legal resources to help protect my clients' interests.

Routinely Handling Construction Disputes In New York City

The contract a property owner, contractor, subcontractor, supplier, engineer or architect signs can greatly influence the types of remedies, including monetary compensation, that can be pursued when contract disputes arise over:

Determining your remedies and your ability to recover compensation requires a thorough and complete analysis of the construction contract and any related documentation. Remedies such as injunctive relief, and the various legal theories upon which recovery may be had, including breach of contract and lien law trust violations, require complete analysis.

Protecting your interests by filing a mechanic's lien against the property also requires a thorough and complete analysis of the construction documents. I have experience handling all aspects of construction law. I am fully prepared to review potential issues upfront in an effort to avoid issues escalating into disputes. I also have the skills and legal resources to help protect my clients' interests when litigation is unavoidable.

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When construction projects go wrong and contracts are breached, you need an attorney who will passionately protect your best interests based on the facts of the case. Call me locally at 212-986-1441, toll free at 866-603-7592 or contact my law office online to learn how I can apply my years of experience and legal skills to your benefit. I am also available to work with other attorneys on a per diem basis.