Skilled Representation In Mechanic's Lien Foreclosure Actions

Mechanic's liens help provide a safety net to contractors, subcontractors and other professionals in the construction industry. When a property owner wrongfully withholds payments, the architect, design professional, contractor or subcontractor may be entitled to pursue a mechanic's lien to secure the money to which they are entitled. Until a properly filed mechanic's lien is released or satisfied, property owners may be prevented from selling or otherwise disposing of the property. They may be prevented from securing the new financing they need or want.

This is a highly technical area of the law. Property owners may have a valid reason to withhold the payments, if the work completed was not up to par. I am Ellen Rothstein, a mechanic's lien attorney with more than 35 years of experience advising architects, construction managers, subcontractors, general contractors and property owners in New York City. My experience handling both sides of mechanic's liens disputes is invaluable in ensuring my clients' interests are protected. I am keenly aware of the complex construction laws and regulations that make this area of the law particularly challenging. When experience matters, contact my construction litigation firm to learn how I can protect your business.

Representing Contractors And Subcontractors In Foreclosure Actions

If you are an architect, contractor or subcontractor who has not been paid for completing a construction project, I can help you take swift action to assert your legal rights. I can advise you on filing a mechanic's lien and if necessary, pursue a mechanic's lien foreclosure action on your behalf. I am committed to guiding you through the legal process to ensure you secure the money to which you are entitled as quickly as possible.

Part of my focus includes evaluating the terms of your contractual agreement. I thoroughly review your construction-related disputes with the evidence you provide. If necessary, I can consult architects and other industry experts to evaluate your claim and determine whether you completed the work agreed upon in the contract. I will not hesitate to begin foreclosure proceedings if the documents and evidence support the claim. Often, the threat of a foreclosure will prompt the property owner to pay the contractor or subcontract the money to which they are entitled.

Defending Property Owners In Construction Litigation

The threat of a mechanic's lien foreclosure could have serious ramifications on your business. I have the skills and legal resources to defend you in any mechanic's lien foreclosure proceedings. I am fully prepared to represent your interests in defending you for withholding the payments. I can consult architects, engineers or other industry experts to show if the work completed was substandard or not according to the contract terms.

I will also help protect you from incurring additional construction costs when a general contractor or subcontractor improperly fails to pay their contractors, subcontractors or material men the money to which they are entitled. You can feel confident knowing I am fully prepared to help you assert your rights and fight for your rights.

Contact An Experienced Manhattan Construction Disputes Lawyer

Often, multiple contractors and subcontractors work side-by-side, adding extra complexity to construction disputes. This is a complicated area of the law, so it is important to invest in an experienced attorney fully prepared to protect your rights from the outset of any construction matter. Contact my New York City construction law firm to learn how I can apply my years of experience and legal skills to your benefit.