Knowledgeable New York Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

When you have a real estate dispute, you want to ensure that your interests are protected and your rights secured. Consulting with a lawyer who has experience handling real estate issues in New York City from the outset can help save you time, stress and money.

I am attorney Ellen Rothstein, and I have more than 35 years of experience offering real estate litigation services. I apply my years of experience and legal skills to help secure my clients' financial interests. I take pride in offering individualized solutions and thorough legal counsel. When you select my law firm, I will fully assess your unique situation to determine an appropriate course of action.

Offering Effective Solutions To Protect Your Financial Interests

Whether you are involved in a real estate dispute or need legal help with a residential closing, I can help you. I provide high-quality legal representation in many areas, including:

  • Breach of real estate contract disputes
  • Mechanic's lien application
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Commercial real estate litigation
  • Premises liability and insurance defense
  • Broker agreements
  • Real estate brokerage commissions

Protecting Property Owners' Rights And Interests

As a property owner, you may find yourself unexpectedly in a lawsuit. You may be in the midst of a construction project when you find that you have no premises liability coverage. You may have had coverage that, unbeknownst to you, was canceled, or you may be involved in a lawsuit that is for an amount in excess of that for which you were insured.

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself forced to defend a personal injury lawsuit without insurance, or if your insurance company refuses to provide a defense, you need experienced legal representation. As a property owner, the risks involved with not defending yourself are too great.

Leverage The Resources Of A Litigation Lawyer

Contact my law firm online or call me locally at 212-986-1441 or toll free at 866-603-7592. We will schedule a consultation to discuss the options available to protect your interests through a well-prepared litigation strategy and/or an out-of-court settlement.